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Client Upload

File transfers using the Sigma Valuation upload portal are accomplished through Citrix ShareFile, an encrypted service using SSL. During transfer, ShareFile secures files in transit with no less than 128-bit encryption using industry-standard encryption protocols. ShareFile stores client files at rest using AES 256-bit encryption, a Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) encryption algorithm. SSL establishes a private connection and each end of the connection is authenticated before transfer begins. Data traveling between these endpoints can only be decrypted by the intended recipient by using unique decryption keys which occurs automatically when the file is uploaded or downloaded to its intended location.

This service is an outside service provided through Citrix Sharefile offered for the convenience of our clients.  By using this service, you agree that Sigma Valuation Consulting accepts no responsibility for the loss or unauthorized use of data, files or confidential information transmitted through Citrix Sharefile.

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